To begin, John Lamb always has a smile on his face. It is great to see someone so responsible and professional fully engage with his students. He is able to communicate with them on their level and elevate their understanding daily and also communicate with parents in a clear, informative way while still using the language of music. My son’s interest in drumming only grew and grew under John’s care. He was drumming on everything! And I realized the movements were more complex from time to time and I could revel in the beauty and form of the rhythm. I asked my son’s third grade teacher if the drumming was ever a distraction to the more academic structure of his classroom and if his drumming ever took away from his school work. To my surprise, she said absolutely not, that Isaac consistently focused brilliantly on his work and the drumming was just a natural part of it – his schoolwork was done on time, done to specific high standards, and done with peace and joy, drumming all the while. I can honestly say that thanks to John, my son is already a musician and will, I am sure, be a lifelong music lover and supporter of the arts. I feel lucky that we were introduced to John and I can’t wait for more lessons this summer and into the new year.