Workskop on Using Drums In The Classroom

with Dr. Craig Woodson


Dr. Craig Woodson will be hosting a workshop for teachers Sat, May 14th at Catlin Gable. Dr. Woodson travels around the US conducting workshops with support from the NAMM Foundation, Percussion Marketing Council and Remo Drumheads. Find out more about Dr. Woodson and the Roots of Rhythm here.

At this workshop you will:
  • Get ideas for incorporating music and drumming into your classroom
  • Learn to make easy, inexpensive and playable drums and other instruments.
  • Learn how to play simple jazz, rock and Latin patterns on the standard drum set.
  •  Play hand drums like the djembe and other percussion (all drums are provided).
  • Join these two types of drumming–hand drums and the drum set—in drum circles.
  • Take away the health benefits of playing the drums.
  • Use chapters in Dr. Woodson’s world drumming teacher’s guide, Roots of Rhythm.ROR_5-Trainers
  • Pay only $10.00. Scholarships are available. (Just ask!) It is free to Catlin Gable and OES teachers and affiliates.
  • A Certificate of Participation is available upon request.


Visit Roots of for more information and downloadable resources.

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