Rock Band Classes For Adults


An opportunity for adults to join a band! Music isn’t just for kids, but there is very little available for adults to learn how to play in a band setting with other adults. These classes give adults the experience needed to know how to handle jam sessions and band situations so they can play more music!


These classes give amateur adults a chance to play music with like minded people. I arrange for adults who play different instruments to get together and I guide them through the ins and outs of playing songs. The classes end with a concert your other friends can come to!


Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

Skill Required

Less than you’d think!  Playing music isn’t difficult, and as long as you know the basics of your instrument, we can find parts that will work!


Once a week!


The classes are held at my studio in Raleigh Hills . All equipment is provided.



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