Teaching Philosophy

The core of our teaching philosophy is that everyone can make great music. Music is not the notes themselves, but the connection that employs the notes – music is built in to the fabric of who we are, and learning to play music is a process of discovering how we – and the universe – works.

Another pillar of my philosophy is that people do what they think will work. Playing music is easy – if you already know how. If you learn how things work and why things are they way they are, then you even complex pieces of music become easy to learn.


What Will You Learn In Lessons? 

Music lessons always start with the fundamentals of music-making, and most total beginners of any age are playing songs in the first lesson. Continue reading…

About Lessons

As a teacher, my primary focus is on clarity. Everyone has rhythm. In the brain, the same parts that enjoy music are the same ones that make it.  What this means is that Continue reading….

Learning to Play is a Discovery Process

Because we all have what it takes to make music, and because playing drums is easy, learning to play the drums is more about discovering and understanding what you already feel than anything else. Continue reading…

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