About Lessons

As a teacher, my primary focus is on clarity. Everyone has rhythm. In the brain, the same parts that enjoy music are the same ones that make it.  What this means is that the more you enjoy music, the better you can be at making it.  Talent is love.  That is why you love music.  How could you enjoy music if you don’t relate to it?  How could you relate to it if you don’t understand it? The question is do you recognize rhythm for what it is?

Unfortunately, there is an idea that only some people are good enough to make music, and perfectly talented people can get intimidated and confused enough about the process of making music that they give up or never even start.  Also importantly, the way that music – rhythm in particular – is commonly taught is confusing.  For example, the ‘time signature’ has very little to do with meter.  Even the names of the notes are confusing. The process of music making can also be confusing, but everything you need to know is already inside.