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John Lamb offers drum lessons for those wishing to learn to play drums and rhythm lessons for non-drummers wanting to improve their sense of rhythm. He has a Masters in Education, graduate level certificates in eLearning, Training and Devleopment and Teaching Adults. He also holds a B.S. in Music, Psychology and Biology. 

John has performed the drums professionally around the US and Asia since he was 14.  He’s have studied with Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan Aretha Franklin, James Brown) and Rodney Holmes (Santana, Wayne Shorter). 

His most recent books is Anatomy of Drumming, which joins Start Playing Drums and A Matter Of Time.  Currently he teaches privately in SW Portland, at Oregon Episcopal School (currently ranked #14 in the US) and Youth Music Project – a nonprofit in West Linn, OR where he teaches sliding scale music lessons and classes. 

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We offer

  • Drum Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Bass Lessons
  • Keyboard lessons
  • Rock Band classes
  • Introduction to All Instruments classes

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  • This book redefines rhythm according to what changes in the brain and body as we listen to it.
  • Start Playing Drums is designed for adult novices to learn to play the drums. It features pictonotation, a bridge system that makes learning to play easy.
  • Drummers are athletes. Playing the drums well requires the skilled use of the entire body. This book delves into the way the body works in order to improve technique.
Soon I’ll be launching a kickstarter project to create a music education game that will teach music students the basics of reading staff notation and music theory while they write their own songs. I’ve been working on the idea for years and used it for many of my assignments in my classes en route to my masters degree in Online Education. The next step is to create a video for Kickstarter. If you’d like to help with it, or any other aspect of the project, or if you just want to stay updated on the project, Follow this link in the Kickstarter image. Thanks! :)

Learning to Play is a Discovery Process

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About Lessons

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What Will You Learn In Lessons? 

Music lessons always start with the fundamentals of music-making, and most total beginners of any age are playing songs in the first lesson. Continue reading…

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